Ok, now it is April. There are supposed to be showers in order to bring May flowers and all that. That means rain and not snow showers.

Look at this..


While you can’t actually see the snow in the picture, those are horses bundled up in their winter blankets on April 6. See their tails blowing up under their bellies? High winds blowing snow flurries. It can stop any time.


We went to see the new Disney movie Meet the Robinsons today. Yeah, we’re weird but it turns out it was in 3D and that excited the husband even more. Anyway, it has an adoption theme. The main character is a 12 year old in an orphanage. He’s had over 150 interviews with potential adoptive parents and no one has chosen him. He has a whole speech about the odds of his adoption dropping even more when he turns 13 because no one wants to adopt teenagers. He decides that he doesn’t want to meet anyone anymore because he can’t take the rejection. It goes through searching for his birth mother and finding a family that this a good match for him. I didn’t know how well the adoption angle was going to be done. It was Disney-fied but not that bad.