Oh, the crazies were out today. A glimpse—

Had a woman bring in several dogs for some testing. She approved an estimate before we did anything. After the tests I went out to discuss results. I was in the parking lot (contagious dogs) when I realized I was standing in melted gum and my shoe was stuck. So, I discussed the seriousness of her situation while freeing my shoe and ignoring my tech who was about to explode laughing.

After all that and getting treatment ready we ran her check through our automatic deposit machine thingy and it bounced. When told this she said that that was because there was no money in that account. Did she think we’d just appreciate a pretty piece of paper with her autograph?

Later she had supposedly scrounged enough cash to pay for the drugs – leaving us to probably never see the money for the testing. She came in with only part of the money she had just said she had, grabbed the drugs and booked it out of there. Then she called and wanted advice on giving the meds.

Another honesty-impared feller wanted us to change his medical records to no longer show that his cat was declawed. He wanted to give the falsified records to the shelter that he adopted the cat from. He was irate that we couldn’t do this.

I was petting a kitty and it suddenly looked at me, reached out, and slapped me on the nose.

A dog bit one of the assistants. It was a beautiful pattern of indentions in her skin. I should have gotten a picture when we were first admiring it because they faded very quickly. That sounds odd and now we have no proof.

Another cat got angry during a blood draw and the owner decided to reach over and stick her finger down its throat.

A dog didn’t want to sit still for a blood draw and its owner tackled it on the table and held its leg out to me in a way that had me concerned that she had wrenched it loose from all its moorings. I went and got another tech to help instead.

Seriously, all in one short shift day.

We went and got ice cream afterwards. It was either that or start drinking.