This is what I got out of the garden today. There are three types of tomatoes (grape, early girl, and the first beefsteak) and the very first pepper of the season. It is a bite-sized type that I hadn’t seen before.


Now I’m being a good girl and not eating the pepper. I’m waiting until the SO comes home in order to cut it in half and share since there is only one. After the first harvest of any species though it is first come first served!

The tomatoes have been coming in drips and drabs. Not enough to make buying canning stuff worthwhile. I think I did too good of a job of making sure I bought varieties that would last all season long. So I’m thinking of making some purees and sauces to freeze. I don’t have much freezer space but I’ll cram it in there somehow.

2 Replies to “Today’s haul”

  1. First: LOVE the new layout!

    Second: I am having the same problem with my tomatoes. I just keep eating them and sharing them with my dogs.. who love them. Wackos.

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