1. Trying to read a sequel when I don’t remember what happened in the first book.  Would it kill you to put in a summary page at the beginning?
  2. Falling asleep while reading and the book hitting you in the face
  3. Not being able to read on an iPad outside with sunglasses on.  Too many times I’ve smacked it and wondered why the screen won’t turn on.
  4. Not being able to safely read in the bathtub on anything electronic.  Someone also needs to invent a book that can be read in a steam room.
  5. Books breed.  I don’t buy physical copies of books unless there is no other choice and I still have overflowing bookcases.  Where did they come from?
  6. I hate it when waiters ask me what I’m reading.  Seriously, it is probably about zombie princesses trying to stop wizards from taking over the world following an ecological disaster in Colombia and now you are going to look at me funny for the rest of my meal.
  7. Worrying about not having anything to read. I store my library books that I’m not currently reading in the car so if I’m out somewhere I can pick up a book to take with me.  I have books on my iPad.  In a pinch I can access the Kindle app on my phone.  I have a book in the bathroom and a book in progress in the bedroom.  Why do I have panic moments when I think I’m not going to have something to read?
  8. Why do you read X and not Y?  The husband thinks I read books that are too frivolous.  I have stats on this, buddy.  I read 25% nonfiction last year and I made you fall in love with Terry Pratchett and fantasy worlds too. Sometimes I get blog comments about how much nonfiction I read.  People think I’m too serious.  You can’t win.
  9. People who are proud that they don’t read. The ex was proud that he hadn’t read a whole book since Island of the Blue Dolphins in fourth grade.  Is it any wonder that marriage didn’t last?  Other people tell me that they’d like to read but are just too busy. Whatever.  They drive so they have audiobook time.  They watch tv so they have reading time.  Quit thinking your time wasters are better than mine.
  10. There’s no time to read ALL the books.

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