It is time for the Travel the World in Books Readathon again! This is two weeks dedicated to reading books set in countries other than where you live.


1. Tell us your name and what state and country you are from.

I’m Heather and I live in Ohio in the United States if you are new here.  I started tracking the settings of the books I read in 2010 for a 50 States challenge.  I got all the states that year and then moved on to tracking countries the next year.

2. What do you hope to accomplish during the Readathon?

I have a few books that I hope to either finish or get a good start on.

I also will be posting some reviews of books that I’ve already read that are set around the world.

I’m also going to be hosting a photography mini challenge later in the readathon.  Start thinking about photos with books that represent the country they are set in.  Do you have a mini Eiffel Tower to photograph with French books?  What about sun and sand for a book set in the Caribbean?  I’m having fun playing around this in preparation.