I saw the idea for a UFO Parade over at Patchwork Times. In quilt-speak UFOs are UnFinished Objects. They are usually abandoned midstream because something else shiny catches your eye and then they get buried in boxes and bins to never again see the light of day. I’ve been meaning to make a list but I’ve been putting them off since I really don’t want to know.

This is the oldest top I have.


This is a Scrappy Trip Around the World which I made way before the pattern suddenly got cool. Yep, I felt like a hipster every time a blogger discovered this pattern. Then I’d have a rush of guilt because I really ought to finish it. I made it to use up some really strange fabrics that I had.  It is mostly weird novelty stuff.  This is layered and ready to quilt but I started doing a spiral design on it to offset the angularity and it went bad and then I put it away. I need to pull out the spiral and redo. Yesterday I picked a design from Leah Day’s site. I’m buying more safety pins today to stabilize it more and I will start quilting it tomorrow. Pinky swear.


Orca Bay is quilted and just needs trimmed and bound. It has been in this state for a while.


This dogwood quilt is an awkward size – too big for the wall hanging I wanted it to be but too narrow for a throw. I’m considering adding borders but I’m being stubborn about it.


I got the border fabric in and prewashed for Spaghetti Junction.

maze quilt top

The maze top is still deciding what it wants to be when it grows up.


I’m 2 blocks into a swoon quilt.

dearjane blocks

Dear Jane on Acid. I started these when I was snowed in one weekend in March of 2008. (I know that because later that weekend I met this guy who I ended up marrying.) I hated the Dear Jane pattern that my friends were making. It was so ugly and boring. But I was stuck in the house and their patterns were there so I started making blocks in the most obnoxious colors and novelty fabrics I had to make it cheerier. I don’t want to make any more blocks but I need to find a setting that I like for these. I’m thinking about an idea based off of Glam Garlands right now.


I found these when I was doing these photos. The stack on the left is house blocks from a swap I was in. The right stack is from an old online project that picked a new block every week to make. There are lots of them but they have no cohesiveness. They are all kinds of patterns, colors, and sizes.


These are the blocks I have so far for Hexy MF. I’m considering this more a long-term work in progress.

I’d have a lot more here but about 2 years ago I did a major purge. I sent everything that I wasn’t dying to finish to a prison quilting group to use to make quilts for foster kids.  I need to find contact information for them again in order to offload those house and random blocks.