Warmup started with a 400 m run.  Then we were tortured with PVC pipes.  We each had a PVC pipe on the ground and we had to hop side to side over it up the length.  When we got to the end we had to do it backwards.  Do that 3 times.  Then do it three times on one leg and then the other.  Then turn and face the long side of the pipe and hop forward and back over it.  Now, just for giggles, get into plank position and walk your hands forward and back over the pipe.  Then jump your hands back and forth. Follow that with 40 jumping jacks and some stretches and that’s the warmup.

The strengths today started with power hang snatches.  Take the bar from your thighs to overhead.  Do that twice and then do a squat with the bar still overhead.  We did 7 sets of those.  I did 63 lbs.

They got monkey bars.  We were supposed to do hand over hand swings down the length.  I could never do those as a kid.  Turns out I still can’t do those.

The workout was 3 rounds of:

  • 50 tuck jumps because they got rid of our jump ropes and the new ones aren’t in yet
  • 7 stone to shoulder or kegs to shoulder.  Yeah, those kind of kegs.  I had a misspent youth as a good girl so this is the limit of my keg knowledge.  I was using a very light 25 lb keg which was actually too light for this lift from ground to shoulder.
  • 50 feet walking lunges with the stone or keg on the shoulder – 25 lbs was good for this since my ankle is still a little unstable.

I did it in 6:24.  At that speed this was actually more aerobically challenging than you’d think.


We had a big piece of equipment break at work and the repair man came.  He was cranky about where we had stored it and he wanted it moved.  One of my techs pointed at me and said, “She can move it for you.  I don’t know if you’ve heard of CrossFit but she’s a beast.  She works out.”  Gee, thanks, I guess.


Warmup – 500 meter row first.  Then we did some stretching.  Then 10 pushups and 10 pike pushups.  After that was 3 rounds of 50 m of walking lunges and 50 m of walking on all fours.  That killed my quads.

Strengths started with pull up work.  I’m nowhere close.  After that we did behind the head jerks.  The bar starts on your shoulders behind your head and you sort of jump to get it pushed up above your head.  We did 7 sets of 2 and had to throw in an overhead squat on sets 3, 5, and 7.  I got up to 83 lbs.  I dropped that weight a few times, i.e. every time my trainer was looking at me.  I had to get other people to vouch for me that I did it before he’d let me move on.

The workout was 4 rounds of:

  • 15 burpee box jumps at 20″ – Do a burpee and then jump/step onto the box.  These were my first box jumps since I twisted my ankle doing them.  “Don’t fall off the box” was my mantra.
  • 15 ring dips – I was using a set of bars and a band so I could almost do them.

I did it in 12:36.