The SO’s church takes part in serving meals to people. Their day in the rotation of churches is Sunday. Each Sunday of the month is presided over by a different person who is in charge of recruiting helpers. We go and help for the person who is in charge whenever there is a fifth Sunday in a month.

This woman likes the SO. I mean, she likes likes him. Apparently she targeted him when he first moved here. He was clueless. Then he got a girlfriend and took her to church with him once. She reported that this lady glared at her the entire time.

Then I came around and she just totally ignores me. I don’t mind. She doesn’t seem to be very nice to most people. She’s mostly just friendly and perky to the SO. She’s also considerably older than him so he really just not interested. Plus, um,excuse me, engaged and everything so I don’t think he’s looking for a new girlfriend.

She called him yesterday to ask if he could serve food on October 31. He explained that it is trick or treat time and he has Z that night. She told him that she was desperate for warm bodies to help. He said that he would send me. I guess my warm body doesn’t count. She said that wasn’t necessary and there is no reason why he couldn’t send me trick or treating with Z instead. He explained that he wants to be with his kid. She offered to send her teenage daughter to trick or treat. Now, her daughter works hard at these dinners. If she exchanges her for the SO she is not adding a worker. It is a wash.

He told her over and over that I would be there. I’m betting that we’ll get a call before the day telling him that I’m no longer needed. I feel so unwanted. LOL