It’s working! It’s a miracle! I’ve been scared to update to the newest version of wordpress for a long time because it involved deleting the old files and having the faith to think it would all turn out alright in the end.

So, what changed my mind? Spam. I got hit with over 2000 spam comments yesterday. Luckily they all got held for moderation. I updated and the best part is I could now delete them all with one click!

So far everything is working. I found a new theme that used the same colors I was on my old template. It is actually a Jewish December holiday (can’t spell the name right) template that I adapted. My old template was a conglomeration of mostly html. Whenever I would run it through a checker it would come up with a gazillion errors. Hopefully it is all fixed now since I let someone else write it and all I did was change the title. Maybe technorati will even start reading my tags now!

The search function is working. My old one never worked.

I’m a bit scared of the comments because I haven’t been able to get my image verification software working yet. I think I have it set to accept the comment if you have been accepted before and moderate everything else. Or I may be moderating everything. I’m not sure. Someone leave a comment so I can test, please!

I also need to move that calendar off the header. But I have to go to work now so I won’t spend all day sitting here messing with it.

Update – Where did the header go? I’ll have to work on that later. Repeat to myself, “Walk away from the computer and go to work. Walk away from the computer and go to work.”

Huh? Now it is back. That’s weird. Yeah, ok, I didn’t walk away. I’m walking away now. I swear….hey! I forgot to put my statcounter code in….