Normally we would go to my parents’ house today. There would be a get together for my Dad’s side of the family tonight, then an immediate family gift-opening thing on Christmas morning, and a Mom’s side of the family thing on Christmas afternoon. But with Christmas being on a Sunday this year that has gotten all messed up.

My brother works for a church so he has to work at services tonight and in the morning. He’s making my Dad help him and my Mom sings in the choir. Other people on my Dad’s side have to work tonight so that gathering is postponed. In the morning there will be rushing around to get to another service. My mother seemed way too smug and triumphant when she informed me that I would be required to attended church services with them on Christmas. So I blamed the horses.

Specifically I blamed the kid who will be pet sitting. Said Christmas Eve and Christmas morning were hard for her. So we are going to feed on Christmas morning and then drive to the parents’. We’ll stay until Monday.

Today I have to pack. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal. Throw the presents in the truck and a few clothes in a suitcase and take off. But on Monday I am teaching quilt camp. I have to pack up the sewing machine and all the various asundry things one needs to make a quilt. If I forget anything we have to do without. I’m going to need to make a list and check it twice.

Merry Christmas everyone!