I’m waiting for a serviceman to come install a satellite receiver downstairs. He’s supposed to be here exactly between 12 and 5. I’m thinking about what I should be doing right now. I should be either sewing or cleaning stalls. Both of those activities require me to go somewhere where I can’t hear the door if/when he shows up even if I wasn’t wearing my iPod. So those are out. Napping? Might sleep through the knocking. Yep, so sitting here surfing it is. (Anyone who mentions other possibilities like cleaning the house will be haughtily ignored. Besides, I listen my iPod for that too.)

I have my orders for when the installer gets here. I have to actually tell this man that we require enough cable to run a splitter. It is approximately a 20 foot room. There is a 57″ HDTV in one corner. The husband says we need a small TV in the opposite corner. When he told me this I was scornful. He said that if someone is playing pool and facing away from the TV and a big play comes on then they need to be able to see it on the small TV. How’s that for guy logic? I said that for that time in which a person is shooting they should be concentrating on their shot, not watching TV. Otherwise, people shouldn’t be so lazy that they can’t swivel their head to see the very large TV. Besides, if you miss a really important play I promise there will be a replay. But logic holds no sway when a man is determined to make the ultimate party room.

So here I sit surfing. As much as I hate blogs that just post links, here’s what I’ve found today.

Andaloo – I laughed over his posting of pictures of naughty bits in kilts
Traffic Pods – Another surfing site. This one confused me. You seem to get 2 views for every 1 click and it has a 15 second countdown clock but there are other rules too that I don’t understand. It keeps telling me that I’ve finding moon and stars. I guess I should be excited but it’s just making me hungry for Lucky Charms.
And here’s another one Blogazoo This one’s no even running yet and people are advertising for it. How hard is it to come up with an orignial idea these days?

Ok, it is not 2:30 and I’m bored. As you can see from the above list I’m not very inspirable right now. I’m going to go clean stalls because that will magically make the installer appear.