It just keeps getting better and better. Last night the husband came home and said that his mother’s car’s transmission died. My response was, “WooHoo! Guess she’s stuck in GA!” I don’t think that was what he was looking for. This would be the car that we bought for her after hers was repossessed because she refused to work at any job that she considered demeaning. Then she bitched about it not being up to her standards. So I’m not real compassionate on the mother’s car situation.

But, kindly and considerately, she found another one that she would like us to buy for her. I flipped out. We aren’t made of money. Just the other night we were trying to figure out how to juggle things to pay our greatly increased property taxes due next month. Now the husband thinks he has to buy her a car. I once said in passing that the husband was gullible. The mother-in-law jumped all over me and said that he was the most sensible of her children (consider the competition). I stand by my comment. If he buys this car (which he will) he is truly the most gullible person I know.

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  1. Well, a rebuilt tranny could cost about $2,000.00 depending on the make of car. The one I had rebuilt for $2,200.00 lasted two months past the 12 month warranty. If hubby is intent on providing her with transportation, perhaps he should consider a car that would be most uncomfortable on a long trip, such as back to your home. A used Neon, for example, has no cruise control. Something tells me this will be a continuing saga.

  2. I’m a little harsher than Elizabeth on it.
    She has the right to live the way she wants to live, but under no circumstances does she have the right to dictate that you folks purchase her a car- or replace her transmission, or what-have-you. Let her take a bus. Or call a cab. It’s not your collective jobs to ensure that she gets where she wants to go. It’s hers.

    But, I’ve been called a bastard for less.

  3. I get that a parent reaches a certain age where thier children start to take care of them, but beggars can’t be choosers. If she doesn’t like the cars ya’ll are helping her with then she should find a way to get the one she wants on her own. At least thats my opinion on it.

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