I am an idiot when it comes to packing to go to trail rides.

There was the time I got to Louisiana with one pair of socks. At the next I was paranoid about packing enough socks. I packed lots. Then I proceeded to drive off and leave the whole suitcase. I didn’t realize until I was two hours from home. I had to buy new clothes at WalMart.

Let’s not forget the week of Jeopardy followed immediately by a trail ride. It was terrified that I’d take the trail ride bag to CA. I didn’t but I did pack my brush and toothbrush in the wrong bag. I ended up going on TV with no way to pretty up myself.

This weekend I brought everything I needed. Then I left my shampoo and conditioner at the place where I stayed on Thursday. I also dumped a half full container of powdered eye shadow down the sink.

Good thing I don’t have to be beautiful in the woods.