Here’s an update on my workout week so far.

With the SO I’m doing only upper body work and abs. That’s what his gym is mostly set up for. That’s probably good since I’m really protective of my right knee which hurts if you look at it wrong. I’ve done two workouts there with the third scheduled for tonight. I actually saw some improvement in my ability to do some exercises between the first two sessions. Mainly I didn’t fall off the tower after doing three leg lifts. I fall off after 5 now.

He wanted to do yoga last night but he had a rough day and basically just wanted to collapse when he got home. I didn’t argue. I like being lazy at night. But today at lunch I did go walking for a half hour to get some cardio in. I even did that on my own initiative. I also did some squats and lunges last night (while my popcorn was popping – but it was better than nothing) also without being told. There still has been no crying and no throwing dumbbells at his head. I also had the satisfaction of having one of his neighbors appear and jokingly ask why I was the only one exercising. Mind you, I was doing crunches while he was resting from benchpressing some crazy amount of weight but I’ll take it.