I have goals for the weekend. We’ll see how much I actually get accomplished.

I planned on during a mini cleanse/juice fast this weekend. I was all excited until this morning when I actually had to do it. I drank the vile cleansing concoction and then a cup of mint tea. But here’s the problem. I need to chew. I swear I’m part rodent because I have this deep burning need to chew on something hard (unfortunately Doritoes are the perfect texture). So I’m not really horribly hungry but my chew drive is on overdrive. This may not be the thing for me.

I want to finish all my blocks for the wedding quilt this weekend. That is quite doable if I don’t let myself get bored and distracted. Then if we have a sewing group next week I can put the top together during that time. Then I’ll have it ready to quilt in plenty of time. That’s a great plan. Too bad I’m not really known for sticking to my well thought out plans!

I need to go grocery shopping. (Yet another reason why the juice fast idea is doomed.) I’ll also print out my Las Vegas pictures since I should get those in a scrapbook before I go to the parents’ house for the wedding in November. I’ll try to get a picture of the horses in the WalMart parking lot. I’ve been thinking about it but I either have gone on a Sunday when there aren’t any Amish horses or I’ve forgotten the camera.

The other problem with shopping right now is that I’m still not used to having a new car. I go to a parking lot and think that my car has been stolen. I have to memorize where I’ve parked very carefully because I can’t scan the lot for my car since I’m not sure what it looks like. I usually can’t remember where I put my car after I come out of a store anyway so this is just an added complication.

Now that I’ve poted my goals I feel like I need to live up to at least a few of them.