The husband was in Las Vegas last week. He went to see a hypnotist’s show. A friend of his was picked to be hypnotized. The husband was fascinated. In describing this to me he summed himself up better than I ever could –

    “You know me, I don’t believe anything unless I see it on TV.”

I don’t know how to tell him that that isn’t a good thing. Anyway, he now is all excited about hypnosis. He bought a dvd on hypnosis for weight loss. He was telling me about it the next day in the airport.

Him: It is supposed to make me hungry several times a day for small amounts of stuff that’s good for me. It won’t make me feel sick if I eat bad stuff but I just won’t want it. I think it’s working. I ate breakfast. Now I’m looking at the Sbarro pizza place. I like Sbarro pizza. But I don’t want it. I’m hungry and I don’t know what to eat! Have you ever tried to eat healthy in an airport?

Well, actually, yes I have. I feel his pain. I was skeptical because he tends to get enthusiastic about things for a day or so. But he is still doing well. Normally despite my best efforts he doesn’t eat at all until 8:00 at night and then he pigs out. We went out to eat yesterday and he copied me in cutting his meal in half and getting a to go box. He’s surprising himself too. He even suggested that we go bike riding yesterday. We went three miles with two rest stops. He says it was because his butt hurt but he was panting. I was proud of him though and told him. He told me to savor the experience because he isn’t planning on repeating it. We’ll see about that.