I was going to talk about how I’ve stayed on track with my diet since going off The Whole Life Challenge but then I realized that the only pictures I have of what I’ve eaten this week are these.

This was my celebratory “I’ve been off grains for 2 months” meal. Actually this is the leftovers which is even better. It is vegetable biryani. Then there is naan with cherries and raisins and sugar! I’ve been off sugar too.

Then there was a lot of good eating that I didn’t take pictures of ….

I’m bringing stuffing to Thanksgiving next week. I haven’t had stuffing in years because it is all made with meat. I decided to experiment with a stuffing recipe from Vegetarian Times. It has figs and cranberries and onions and sage. It is supposed to have port and hazelnuts too.


The practice version is good but I need to not be so cheap and spring for the port and hazelnuts. It needs just a bit more flavor.

Just to prove it wasn’t a total grainfest around here, I made these.

Source: maoomba.com via Heather on Pinterest

I also made garlic kale chips but the husband descended on them like locusts and ate them all before I could think of getting pictures of my own. I’m going to make some Mexican flavored kale chips tomorrow. I should do it while he’s gone so I can get the pictures to prove it.