WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I finished up one side of the table runner for the Modern Christmas Table Runner swap.

Winterkist table runner

The other side starts with these trees and then there will be pieced gnomes.

Trees for table runner

I had a whole garden of flowers bloom this week.

hexies for the week

I got three swap packages in the mail this week. Don’t tell but I’m ignoring them for a moment until I get the table runner done.


On Sunday I had the chance to go to the Reflections of Nature Quilt Show. I got there just in time for a lecture on 1800s quilts.

Double pink 4 patch

I love the brightness of the double pinks even after all this time.

This quilt didn’t fare so well. The greens have faded to beige.


Love flying geese. Both the old –

Flying geese

And the new


Bear paws inside bear paws inside log cabins? Love!




I’m a sucker for sunflower and leaf quilts.


I went back and forth between the lizard and the flamingo for viewers choice.

Lizard quilt

What I voted for

I picked the flamingo finally. She was very cute. (Hopefully, I’m getting my new camera for Christmas so I can quit making blurry photos. I forget that the camera I’m using since my good one died has about the same shutter time as something used during the Civil War.)

Now I’m off to clean up the sewing room. There are scraps all over the floor. It has official hit the “OMG This is SO annoying” level where I have to clean it before I can do anything else.