by Isabel Wilkerson, Jen Hatmaker

I have been picking up and putting down books willy-nilly. It is a bit like I can’t focus. Or maybe there are just too many books catching my eye. If the one I’m reading doesn’t hold me tight, I go wandering off. Some of the books I didn’t finish were perfectly fine books so I wanted to highlight a few.

This book is very good and you should absolutely read it. The reason I didn’t finish it was that in the very beginning she lays out her premise that the U.S’s racial issues are actually a caste system. I could see the point of her argument. I agreed with her premise. But then the rest of the book was her attempting to prove her point. I was listening to it, nodding, and thinking, “Yes, I agree.” After a while it because hours and hours of listening to the horrors inflicted on people throughout history up to now. I figured that I had already understood and agreed with the point. I didn’t need to listen to the details of all the horrible things people did. I see enough of that with current events.

I started to read this because I read Glennon Doyle’s Untamed and I sort of wanted to compare and contrast. I remember being impressed by a few things in the first few chapters but I was reading in an actual physical book so I don’t have any highlighted passages to remind me of what I liked. Then I wandered off. I’m not very good at finishing self-help books. But if you like that sort of thing this might be a good one. Besides, after I returned this to the library, she announced she was getting a divorce so the evangelicals probably really hate her now. That’s always a point in someone’s favor for me.