Today’s prompt is websites you read that aren’t about books.

Minimalist Baker

This is a blog about vegan gluten-free food with the most amazing recipes ever.  They are easy and delicious.

Renegade Mothering

Amazingly written posts from mother of 4 who is fighting the good fight against most parenting advice.  I don’t have kids.  I don’t like kids.  But I love reading what she writes.

Nerds of Color

Reviewing geeky entertainment news with an eye towards positive portrayals of minority populations

The Mary Sue

Entertainment news with a feminist perspective

Yarn Harlot

This is a hugely popular and funny knitting blog.  I don’t knit.  I am a failed knitter.  For some reason I’ve been following this blog for over 1o years.  I’m the ultimate lurker.  I’ve never commented.  I admire the way she’s made a professional life from knitting.  She makes amazing stuff at the speed of light.  Seriously, she makes socks as quickly as I read books.

Friendly Atheist

This blog points out the nonsense done in the name of religion.  Find out about what the religious right is calling persecution these days.  I don’t agree with them on everything since they are very against any non-western medicine.

No Longer Quivering

This blog is written by women who have left very fundamentalist Christian communities.  Think Duggars and other families where women are told that they can only be mothers of large families.

Raising Homemakers

This is the opposite of No Longer Quivering.  This is a site for families who believe that their goal in life is to raise their daughters to be homemakers.  I go on Wednesdays for their link up.  Here you can find posts about why women should stay home and not be educated.  It is good to raise your blood pressure every so often.

LAF/Beautiful Womanhood

If you haven’t been outraged recently, try this site.  LAF stands for Ladies Against Feminism.  Yeah, really.