Black dragon by Ehtisham Sajid

Anyone who reads a lot of fantasy books has a favorite type of magic to read about. Some people love reading about wizards zapping each other with powerful wands. Other people would rather be brewing potions or searching out spells hidden for ages in old libraries.

I love elemental magic. Give me a story where the magic is based on Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Metal and I’m happy. I think this is part of the reason that I loved studying Chinese medicine so much. It is based on taking symptoms and personality traits and grouping them together.

5 elements of feng shui

I am a total Earth. I love having that personality and wouldn’t trade it for anything but stable people don’t have a lot of stories written about them. We don’t bring the conflict. So when you get stories about elemental magic the Earth people are considered pretty boring. They tend to be strong. Usually they move soil around. That’s good for construction. They grow things. I also read one book where they fought by opening up holes under the enemies’ feet and swallowing them up. Call us boring, will you? ?

My favorite series based on elemental magic is Sharon Shinn’s Elemental Blessings. If I had to pick a magical world to live in this would be it. Sure, the rest of the elements get all the glory in this one (of course). The Earths are just there taking care of business without all the drama.

Jim Butcher’s Codex Alert series is an elemental magic world too. Earth gets a little more action here. Not much of course. That’s ok. I can handle it with minimal pouting.

I found another series that gives Earth magic some respect but you have to get to book three in the series to get to it. It’s YA and YA fantasy and I don’t always get along. But book 1 is about mermaids so that got my interest. Maybe I’ll give this one a try.

In the meantime, I will be moving to Sharon Shinn’s world to live out my days minding my own business as an Earth magic user. What magical system would you like to be able to use?