We are getting a new bed. It is a larger bed to accommodate everyone who feels it necessary to sleep in the bed. So, the current bed is going to go in the guest room and the bed that was in there was given away to someone who needed it. That seemed like a good plan with one minor problem.

Riley took his afternoon naps on the guest bed. The new bed hasn’t been picked up yet so as of right now there is no bed in the guest room. Z has a bed in her room. Our bed is available for naps. But his napping bed is gone. He is quite put out about this.

I know this because he keeps appearing whenever he needs a nap. He lays down with a huff that clearly states that he is only here because he no longer has a bed. I found him once sprawled in front of the guest room door giving me a look that said that he hated not having a bed.

I’ve explained that he is going to have a bed in there in a little bit. I’ve reminded him of every other bed and couch in the house. I’ve reminded him that many, many cats in the world don’t have a house and isn’t he ashamed of himself for pouting over not having a bed to himself? He was a homeless kitten and if I hadn’t taken him in against my better judgment he would be looking for a meal right now and not worrying about beds. He just harrumphs and glares.

That’s what passes for animal abuse around here.