When Autumn Leaves

When Autumn Leaves

by Amy S. Foster
Genres: Fiction, Literary
Published on 2009
Pages: 287
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In Avening, a tiny town on the Pacific coast, it's hard not to believe in magic. This is a town where the shoes in the window always fit, where you can buy a love potion at the corner shop, and where the woods at the outskirts of town just might be the door to another world. And, of course, there's Autumn, Avening's beloved resident witch. From what's known of its mythical founding, Avening has always been a haven for people who are a little bit different, a place where they can come to discover what makes them so special.
When Autumn receives news that she's been promoted to a higher coven, she also learns she has to replace herself. But who in Avening is in tune enough with her own personal magic to take over the huge responsibility of town witch? Autumn has a list of thirteen women and men who just might have what it takes-but how can she get them to open their eyes to the magic in their lives?
This endlessly surprising and heart-warming debut is the story of coming to terms with the magical things we take for granted every day-our friends, our community, and, most of all, ourselves.

Autumn has lived in Avening for a long time and she isn’t thrilled to be told that she needs to move on.  They give her one year to choose and prepare a successor.  They also give her a list of potential names chosen by their prophet.  That doesn’t make Autumn happy.  There are several women she’d consider who aren’t on the list and she hasn’t heard of several who are on it.

The book continues with a story about each woman that each takes place on a different holiday on the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  Each of them has a different type of magical ability.  Most of them don’t know that what they are able to do is actually magic.  Only one has had any formal type of magical training.  None of them know that there is a group of magical women who they may be asked to join.

This is a quiet book about the life of a town and the interior lives of some of the women who live there.  It is about using your skills to achieve the greatest potential that you are able.