WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’ve been working on swap blocks.

I added this Whoopsie Daisy block to Judy’s group.


Judy's group

Linda asked for a Buckeye Block made in country colors. I had to dig to the bottom of the bins for those fabrics. The yellow flowers are actually a 1950s print.

Buckeye beauty

Linda's group

The next one was completely different and asked for bright colors in a black/grey background using a lot of negative space. I improv pieced this based on a disappearing nine patch.

For PurpleMum

PurpleMum's group

I got all the blocks sewn together for my Spaghetti Junction quilt and the inner border put on.


I’m not loving it. If I don’t like it all over again when I get the outer border on it is going to be a donation quilt. I have too many quilts here to keep anything I don’t absolutely love. Actually compared to most quilters I probably don’t have many quilts at all. I think I have 5 wall hangings and 3 throw/bed sized quilts. I have one more large quilt ready to be bound and 2 more that are traveling in swaps that are supposed to be for me.

Can I tell a secret? I don’t even use them. My husband has one I made for him that he covers up with but the rest are on the guest bed or the quilt rack. Even the wall hangings are rotated so only one is out at a time.

That’s all I have of all the quilts I’ve made in the last 15 years. All the rest have been gifts or gone to different charities.

How many quilts do you have? What do you do with them?


  • Karen K. at Fireball Quilts

    I am working on my ‘stash’ of quilts. I’m a pretty new quilters, so I only have two completed throws to cuddle under. I’m working on a third right now, and that’s a quilt that I intended for me all along.

    I have two completed wall hangings on walls, and I’m working on a third. I’ve given away two baby quilts, a number of smaller quilted items including purses and messenger bag, table runners, and misc. items like mug rugs, coffee cup cozies.

    I have more quilts I’d like to make for myself and others, some tops are made and some I have fabric for, but I also would love to participate in charities as well. Kudos to you for being so generous, and I agree with you on your standards. Why would you keep a quilt you don’t love? Someone else will really love it!

  • Quiltin Jenny

    Trying to count all the quilts…
    2 on each kid’s bed (6)
    1 on our bed and 1 on the guest room bed (8)
    1 on the couch (9)
    1 snowflake wall hanging that I put up in January (10)
    1 tiny valentine quilt and 2 quilted pillows for February (13)
    2 patriotic quilts I use for decoration Memorial Day – 9/11 (15)
    1 fall/Halloween quilt (16)
    1 antique looking quilt that is decorative (17)
    1 Christmas quilt (18)
    1 baby quilt that I can’t quite let go of, plus Gracie’s baby quilt (20)
    plus assorted quilted bags, pillows, etc.
    And at least 3 more that were made by my mom!

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