I posted earlier that I had decided to sponsor a person through Women for Women. I got my sponsorship information in the mail today.

I’m sponsoring a 53 year old woman from Bosnia. I received a bit of info about her. She is married with 2 grown children. She attended a bit of primary school but is illiterate. She lives in a house with a consistent source of water and electricity. She does not work because she is disabled but it doesn’t elaborate on that. It says that her family does not receive medical care because of a lack of finances. She says that she did lose relatives in the war there. She is not a refugee but has been living in this area. They also sent a picture.

As a part of the program I’m sponsoring she will be attending a class for a year that teaches women what their legal rights are in their country, basic job skills, and other life skills. I will write letters to her in part to show that there are people who care about her. My letters are sent to the Women for Women headquarters to be forwarded to her group. They will be translated and read to her since she can’t read. She can dictate letters back to me if she wants.