Last week I posted about a situation at work. We are getting a new veterinarian. The staff decided to hate her on first sight. They had lists of reasons why she wasn’t going to work out. The lists could basically be summed up as 1. the staff is rascist and 2. they hate any change.

On Monday all of the regular vets were going to be gone. So the boss decided to make the new vet come in for a day. This was a bad idea. She hasn’t been doing small animal work for several years and the staff was already convinced that it was going to be a disaster. It was setting her up for failure. The week before I gave the staff a speech about how the new vet would be fine if she was given a chance. I absolutely did not expect them to give her a chance though.

So on Monday I call about an hour after opening to see how it was going. The person who answered the phone was perky. I’ve never heard her perky before. I was scared by this. I asked how things were going and she said they were fine. She said it like she had no idea why I might be concerned.

Turns out they loved the new vet. They have totally forgotten that just one week ago they hated her guts and were vowing to get her to quit. They are the absolute masters of revisionist history. I’m glad it worked out more for the vet’s sake than theirs.