I spent all day yesterday getting coma dog updates. He hadn’t moved at all and he was still really cold even with supllemental heat. After the update at 8:30 pm I called my friend and basically said if we don’t have signs of life by morning we need to just put him down.

At 9:30 I got a message that he had made a huge mess urinating out all the fluids I gave him so the person checking on him moved him. I’m thinking that’s normal and feeling a bit bad that she had to move a big comatose dog by herself. Then she adds, “I put him in an exam room so he had more room than in a cage. He ate a can of food.”  Talk about burying the lead. He was up and eating!

This morning I get a message asking if she can call the owner to come get him because he’s walking and trotting around. I have no idea what those dog got into but I guess I kept this one alive long enough to get it out of his system. Very strange!

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