I’d like to take this occasion to highlight the greatest fantasy mother of them all – Nanny Ogg.

The witches in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld hold to traditional values. They always have a representative of the Maiden, the Mother, and The Other One. (We don’t say “crone” around Granny Weatherwax. She gets testy.) While the Maiden changes from time to time, the Mother figure is always Nanny Ogg.

She’s the matriarch of a whole clan of Oggs. Her offspring and their children have taken over the whole area of Lancre. She’s survived all her husbands. She’s a friend to everyone she meets and loves to entertain. Her entertainment consists of vast quantities of food and drink. She doesn’t cook or clean anymore. (That’s what daughters-in-law are for.) But she’ll entertain with a song or two when she has enough drink in her. Her favorites are quite naughty and embarrassing to more prudish witches – The Hedgehog Can’t Be Buggered at All and The Wizard’s Staff Has a Knob on the End are particular favorites.

She’s even got a stamp in her honor.