I had a morning that most people wouldn’t describe as fun but I’m absolutely bubbly.

First I had a mammogram. This was made even more fun than normal because my mass is underneath and against the body wall. It isn’t exactly easy imaging. I’ve decided that my next mass will be located in an easily accessible place.

Then I had to pick up my ultrasound and report because I’m scheduled to see a specialist next week for a biopsy. I asked for the report since my doctor’s office didn’t tell me what they said. It is the most useless piece of medical reporting ever. It says that it might be a papilloma. Then again, it might be a intramammary lymph node but probably not. It might be a carcinoma. It doesn’t actually say, “Beats me what it is” but that would have been more to the point.

I had to go back and pick up my ultrasound because I was so excited about errand number 2 of my day that I forgot to take it with me.

I filed for divorce!!!

That made me bubbly. I wanted to jump up and down, clap my hands, and yell, “Yay!!!”