I hate shopping.

I hate going to malls. Nothing ever fits and if it did everything is too expensive because I’m cheap. I like shopping at thrift stores so everything else seems crazy expensive by comparison.

The husband likes shopping. I end up following him around malls bored to tears. He doesn’t buy much because he’s cheap too but he likes to look. Today we did this and I was pouting because I hate it.

He wanted to stop at TJ Maxx. That store makes me crazy. At least in my area they have racks and racks of size small clothes, a half a rack of mediums, and then one or two things larger. Since I’m a larger person I never find anything there to wear. It is depressing to be too big for all the clothes in a store.

But today I found a skirt I liked. It was a blue lightweight maxi skirt. It fit and looked ok. The problem was that there was a tear in the seam. I could fix it. But I wasn’t paying $25 for a ripped skirt. They offered me $2 off. I said no.

As we left the husband tried to gently tell me that perhaps there was such a thing as too cheap. This is crazy talk coming from him. As we drove over to Burlington Coat Factory he was trying to tell me that sometimes my stubborness meant that I can’t buy anything. I maintained that I don’t require a blue maxi skirt and I certainly wasn’t taking a ripped one for less than 50% off.

Then I went in and found a whole section of maxi skirts for – wait for it – $12.99! I marched over to him with an armful and asked “Now who is unreasonably cheap?” I think it might be my new favorite (non-thrift) store.

Cheapness wins!