To update yesterday’s post:

The SO is seriously not waffling. I can’t believe that he is using my plan to prevent impulsive dog getting to actually prevent me from impulsively getting a dog. The nerve of some people! LOL

We went to look at the outside of our ideal house yesterday. It is super nice. But we were both almost run down twice while we were there by people driving crazily on the street. It is a death trap for kids and pets. I think we are going to focus on getting our house sellable and then see what happens.

I haven’t mentioned it before but I’m making an effort to ride Prize. I’ve been riding briefly twice in the past two weeks. Yesterday I rode her and you’d have thought she was being suited up to go on a death march. She just kept sighing as I saddled her. Walking around the arena for ten minutes was obviously going to be the death of her. She also has a new friend who had a fit when her Prize was taken away. She ended up having to held by the arena so she could see. Prize didn’t care that she was away from her but the other horse was nuts. That kept the riding short too.

I realized that I’ve never aimlessly ridden. When I’ve done arena work I’ve always been training for something. Now I’m not going to be showing since I don’t have a truck and getting up early to dress up in black clothes and paying to stand in the hot sun (or rain) for hours has somehow lost its appeal. So I don’t have a focus and I get bored. There are trails I could ride but I’m not ready for that yet.

I ordered a book on arena exercises to give me some ideas of things to do while I work on my confidence so she doesn’t get bored and decide to make things ‘interesting’ as she’s been known to do. ————-

The cats have taken the abscence of Snowball hard. Riley is missing his sparring partner so he picks on Powder more but she doesn’t fight back as much. That’s not as much fun and smacking a snarling dog on the head apparently.

Powder used to protect Snowball when she ate. Snowball got all kinds of human and raw pet foods during her last few months. Powder would sit beside her and watch until Snowball had her fill. Then Powder would ever so graciously clean up whatever she didn’t eat. Now Powder only has her own dry cat food to eat. Poor baby!