Crossing the Line

I found this book while browsing my library’s list of available audiobooks. I was immediately intrigued by the story of an inner-city polo club. Polo is a very expensive sport to play because it requires multiple highly trained horses per […]

Christmas in the Pines

I was out playing in the woods this weekend.  I flew down to Pensacola FL for a competitive trail ride. This was the weather on Friday. On Saturday it dropped 30 degrees.  It was cold and misty and very windy.  […]

Jumping at the Royal

Show jumping is the big draw at the horse show. We started the afternoon watching the Junior/Amateur championship. Kids and amateurs so you know, little jumps, right? The big class of the evening was the $75,000 Ricoh Big Ben Challenge. […]

Back to Alabama

I went back to Alabama for the second time in 3 weeks to judge a trail ride. I didn’t think this one was going to happen. It was scheduled in a national park which shut down last week. They managed […]

Trail Ride Obstacles

I was in Alabama this weekend to judge a trail ride. It went pretty well with only one sick horse. There was a minimal number of human injuries that resulted from humans doing something stupid. Have you seen those pictures […]

It’s My Party

Today is my last day at my old job.  Officially I was supposed to work from 2 to 6.  I had a massage and sewing day in the morning. At my massage I found out that Prize went to a […]

Prize’s Update

I’ve known this for weeks but I keep forgetting to post this. I gave Prize to my massage therapist.  I was scheduled for a massage and was a bit nervous.  What if she absolutely hated Prize and wanted me to […]

Bye Bye

Prize went off to her new home today. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m ok but I really am. I almost feel bad that I don’t feel bad. Her new people came today with blankets and masks for her to […]


Happy Solstice!  I’m so glad the days are starting to get longer again.  I’ve had a good news bad news kind of day. The good news is that I finally found a home for Prize.  I’ve been wanting to find […]

Trash-Talking My Baby

Way back when Miss Prize was a youngster she had a spot of difficulty finding a trainer to work with her. Trainer #1 was during the winter of her two year old year. She was working on voice commands in […]

Prize update

I’ve been trying to find someone to lease Prize since she is standing around doing nothing. There is a girl who hangs out at the barn sometimes and loves my horse so I’ve been trying to get them together more […]

Ye of Little Faith

Before I went to the hands-on acupuncture class last week, I went to the barn and practiced finding points on Prize. This caused the barn owner to double over in laughter at the thought of me trying to put needles […]


I’m on my way to Quarter Horse Congress despite my personal ban. I refuse to go to Congress normally because of the blatant and unapologetic price gouging. I go to lots of events at the fairgrounds. Parking is $4-5. For […]

Semi-local tourism

Well, you don’t see this every day. Knights and pirate ships. Yep, we hit the Renaissance Fair today. It turns out that we aren’t RenFair people. The SO likes turkey legs and I wanted to buy some fake (hopefully) elf […]

Equine Avoidance Manuevers

How can you tell if your horse is feeling better? Equine Avoidance Manuevers (EAM) are put in place. EAM happen when you are trying to brush out a thick tangled Morgan mane with the horse standing in the stall. She […]

That’s my girl

Miss Prize has gotten spoiled with her uber-expensive footwear. The low rent foam board and duct tape are no more. Let it be known that she destroyed the one that the barn owner put on. My super vet duct tape […]

The Continuing Saga

I haven’t posted much about Prize lately because I would just start contradicting myself all over and confuse you about the status of her feet. “She’s better. No, she’s worse. False alarm, all better. Wait….” I finally got annoyed with […]


I have a running coach. I didn’t really mean to have one. It started innocently enough. The SO wanted to go to the track to run when I did. The first time we did our own thing. The second time […]