I’m buying a sidesaddle!!!!! I’m bubbly and bouncy. I love my saddle even though I’ve only seen it in pictures. If it doesn’t fit both Prize and me I am going to have a breakdown.

I’ve had a sidesaddle buying strategy. Plan A – Save up for a new saddle. Plan B – While working on Plan A hang out on eBay looking for a suitable saddle. There are a lot of sidesaddles on eBay but many of them are very poorly made so it is a real risk.

Today I came up with Plan C. Hit other horse classified sites and hope that someone has a sidesaddle that they inherited or something and just want to get rid of. Plan C worked like a charm. I found several possible saddles but the one I’m getting is an antique Champion and Wilton (a very good brand). The saddle has been used on the Arabian show circuit but is too large for the owner’s current horses. Since I need large to fit Prize I’m crossing my fingers and toes that this works.

Champion and Wiltons sold by people who are into sidesaddles tend to go for at least $1500. this saddle was for sale for $650 including a carry bag because the owner just wanted to get rid of it.

Now I just have to do the “Please, please. please, please, please let it fit!!!!” dance nightly. If it doesn’t fit I should be able to resell it – hopefully at a profit if I sell to the sidesaddle lovers – and use the proceeds towards Plan A.

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