We leave tomorrow to go marry off my brother. I’m glad it is finally here. All the pressure of the bridesmaid gown will be over. This is worse than my own wedding. That’s because I was in charge and picked a dress that wasn’t designed to highlight my every flaw.

I’ve been tanning (I know – bad) so the green of the dress doesn’t reflect onto my pale face and make me look like I’ve been dead a few days. Since my normal life usually gives me a lovey farmer’s tan I’ve had to get obsessive-compulsive about sunblock when I’m outside so I don’t end up with lines. I did get some lines in Louisiana so for a while I had to tan with sunblock on my arms to even everything out. Way too much work involved in all that.

Tomorrow we have to leave horribly early to get there to pick up the husband’s tux. Then we are going to help them move some furniture. That gives me a job away from my mother. That’s a good thing. I also bought them some food so they have something to eat when they get back from vacation. Mostly mixes that just require water and baking, etc. My brother was all worried that I was only going to buy them vegetarian food. Horrified that he was going to starve, the poor dear. Being a loving sister I told him to kiss my @#$ and eat what I bought him. But I reassured him that not only did I buy things with meat but given a choice of meats I chose beef. He has quite the love of dead cow.

I have lots of things to do before I leave so of course I have to work this afternoon and have a meeting afterwards. But on a happy note I just paid the deposit on my sidesaddle!!

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