The SO and I went to a new restaurant today. We’ve been avoiding it because several restaurants have been in this location and they were all uniformly terrible.

This is a pasta place and I only agreed to try it after extracting a promise that he wasn’t going to cause a scene in the restaurant when it was awful. We get there and they have several vegetarian pastas. They also have a sampler where you can pick three types of pastas. We each got that and picked the three that didn’t have any meat listed.

So, the food comes and two of the three pastas have meat on them. Since he was sworn to silence I did the talking.

Me: (while poking at the pasta) Um, is that meat?
Waitress: Yes. (She very nicely did not add “dumbass”.)
Me: (still looking at it askance) Oh
Waitress: What’s wrong?
Me: I didn’t know these had meat. It doesn’t say that on the menu.
Waitress: The baked ziti is pre-made. (Like that was both a good thing and explained everything)
Me: We’re vegetarians.

I swear that woman would have been better able to cope if I had announced that we were cannibals. She stood and stared at me open-mouthed. She said “Um” a few times and then fled into the kitchen. It wasn’t a ‘trying to be helpful’ retreat either. It was a ‘fleeing the crazy people’ retreat. We ending up getting ravioli with no-meat sauce but she kept her eye on us from a distance for the rest of our visit.