I think I may have encountered a localized weirdness bubble floating over me.

The other day I drove past a Amish man driving a tractor. That’s not that odd but the man was shirtless. By the look of his chest it had not seen the sun before.

Today I drove past an accident. Lots of smashing but no ambulances. There was a lady across the street watching. She was eating her lunch off a paper plate with plastic silverware. It was like she took a picnic to the accident.

Snowball chased Riley halfway up a tree the other day. He was halfway up when I saw the thought arise in his little kitty brain, “Wait a minute. I don’t run from her. I do the chasing in this relationship.” So he reversed course and slapped at her.

I hired a house cleaner who starts today. So in preparation for the cleaner I spent part of the morning cleaning. That’s not logical. I just picked up some dirty socks, moved the new heavy box of cat litter out of the living room, etc but still it seems wrong.