The weirdness cloud is still floating over me.

I went to pick up a prescription for the SO. I do this about once a month. I don’t go in the store otherwise. I walked up to the counter when it is was my turn and the clerk said the SO’s name and handed me a bag.

1. I never said his name. How did she know who I was?

2. She was checking out a line of people, why did she have prescription which was ready the day before on the counter with her instead of in the bin?

While I was trying to wrap my head around that (I was so flustered I forgot how to swipe my credit card), she said, “You’re a vet, right?”

“Um, yeah.”
“Do you work around here?”
“No” then I said where I work.
“Do you live on a farm with lots of animals?”
“I used to but now I live in town with lots of animals.”

I think I might be in the Truman Show. Everyone is watching me, knows who I am and what I do. I called the SO to see if he had an explanation. He didn’t but said that he’d call me the next time he checked his spy satellites to see what I was doing. Smart a$$.