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In the garden now

Looking what’s growing in my garden!

My tomato plants are starting to flower. I guess planting them a few weeks early paid off this year.


I’m not sure what this is. I know I didn’t plant it. It is probably some horribly noxious person-eating weed but it has really cool seeds.


My sunflowers are at that really cool stage where they look like they are doubling in size every day. I love sunflowers and I totally forgot to plant any last year so I’m looking forward to this year’s.



  • Shasta

    I call them silver dollars and I really like them, especially in the fall. You can peel off the outer layer and it leaves a nice translucent shell (almost like onion skin) that is really beautiful – great for a dried flower arrangement.

  • carol

    Hi there,
    Your second photo is a silver dollar plant.
    Googling it will give you better information and details than I can provide.
    Good luck and thanx for sharing!

  • quiltpixie

    That one photo looks like something we call a sandollar plant around here… don’t know what it really is, but the flatt seed pods turn a milky white when dried… looks great in the fall with dried chinese lantern

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