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Weekly Updates

  • It is the end of week 4 of my Body for Life Challenge. I didn’t see any big changes this week on par with fitting into smaller pants last week. I also spent part of the weekend with my parents so the whole food program went out the window. I only missed one workout though with the traveling and made my mother do cardio with me one day.
  • We went out to a small amusement park and I got to be the person designated to ride with the small kid. That person is listed on every sign as a “responsible person”. Sometimes you take the affirmations any where you find it.
  • Z did well at her first trip to visit my family.  No blood.  No screaming/crying/punching fits (by anyone).  She had so much fun that she didn’t want to leave.  If she tells her mother this then her mother will make the SO’s life a living hell for a while in retaliation.
  • The SO seemed to do better too.  He’s always gotten along with my family but our family dynamics are considered odd by him.  We are both more reserved and more goofy (at the same time) than he is used to.  He hasn’t always known how to take people and certain people haven’t known how to take him.  It was less awkward now.
  • Snowball went to a friend’s house for the weekend.  They had two parties while she was there.  She is exhausted.  She’s still sleeping to try to recover. The cats are still in super clingy, “You left us all alone in here with only ourselves for company!” mode.

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