I had noticed a pattern in my reading over the last several years. I alternated between reading 180 and 220 books. I didn’t try to get those numbers. That’s just what happened. I’m not sure why there was a 40 book difference each year. I didn’t know why it was never in the middle. And then this year happened…

In 2022 I read 202 books! I’m middle of the road!


Again, no idea why or how. I don’t keep track of how many books I’ve read in total for the year so it is a surprise at the end of the year when Goodreads tells me.

So what did I read in 2022?

It was mostly fiction.

  • Urban fantasy was my most read genre with 62 books.
  • After that, contemporary romance and historical fantasy tied with 24 books each.
  • I pushed to read more scifi and I ended up with 18 books read.
  • I consider myself to be major historical romance reader but I only read 12 last year and that was the same as the number of contemporary YA books I read. Some of those historical fantasy books had a lot of romance in them so maybe that’s why that number was down.

What about nonfiction?

  • Memoirs were the biggest single genre with 10.
  • I read 8 cookbooks and then there were 10 others of all types of genres.

What about the authors I read?

Like most years, most were women by far.

  • There were 54 unique white women.
  • After that, it drops off a lot, 8 unique Black women, 5 Latina, 8 South Asian, 5 East Asian, 1 Indigenous, and 2 Jewish. Not so good this year. I think I slacked off on monitoring this and it shows.

I did read some male authors.

  • There were 25 unique white male authors.
  • Then it gets just as bad – 2 Indigenous, 2 Black, 1 East Asian, and 2 South Asian

I did also read books by 1 intersex, 1 nonbinary, and 2 trans authors that I know of.

I don’t have any specific goals for number of books to read for 2023 but I do need to be more conscious of getting more variety of authors in my reading. I like getting more viewpoints.