Yesterday I changed my party affliation officially to Democrat. Here you can do that by requesting a change at the polls. I was a bit sad to do it because now I won’t receive the lovely mail that I’ve been getting for the past month.

Besides the creatively random changing of typefaces and adding of bold, italics, and underlining, I got to learn about a candidate who was so moral (his wife’s words) that he made her quit her job as a campaign staffer before he would date her. Now, I know this because she wrote a letter to tell me about what a great guy he is and why I should vote for him. So it was immoral to pay her but just fine and dandy to have her do the same job unpaid. He’s a swell ol’ feller.

But never fear! The SO came home and said that he switched to Republican so he could vote against someone. The mail will continue for our edification and amusement.