I watched NEW MOON today. I had to put the subtitles on and watch it on fast forward because I can’t handle it. Teen angst makes me want to slap people.

Really, what is so god-awful horrible about your life? She was sitting there moping because a horribly ugly undead thing that is barely holding himself back from eating her left town. Goodbye and good riddance in my book. She is left with a suddenly super muscle-y hot werewolf dude who likes her lots and (this is key) who doesn’t want to eat her. Life is good.

Then I started watching IT’S COMPLICATED. That’s a sign of boredom because the premise made me cranky. I don’t approve of stories about reloving your ex. They were exed for a reason.

It is worse because I read BETWEEN, GEORGIA by Joshilyn Jackson yesterday and there was love between exes going on. That led to a dream that my ex was following me around and annoying me against my will. The SO tried to psychoanalyze me by saying that I feel that the past is following me. I told him that I blamed Joshilyn totally.

But now we are watching ZOMBIELAND and it makes everything better!