I have a wonderful camera. The only problem is that it is relatively large and not easy to carry around in my purse or pocket. My camera on my phone is awful. Being a good little blogger I want to take pictures of stuff so I bought a cheaper carry around camera to keep in my purse.

It is a Kodak and it is purple. The scary thing is that because of the advancement of technology it may be more advanced than the bigger camera that I paid four times as much for several years ago. It has 12 (new camera) vs 6 mega pixels (old) but the old camera has twice the zoom. I do love me some zoom. I take a lot of animal, scenery, and sporting event-type pictures. Zoom is my friend.

It may not be high speed enough for me either as seen in this photo.


But I’m not sure if any camera can properly capture the action of a wild pink croc being shaken to death. Crocs are the best dog chew toys ever! She hasn’t destroyed this one yet and it has been several weeks. Toys don’t usually last a day with this vicious beast from the office where I work.