Signs that my Fitbit obsession has not abated:

• Instead of hanging out on a bench while Freckles plays in the dog park, I’ve taken to walking the perimeter. A trail through the wooded part is 0.1 miles. Freckles thinks it is exciting to run back and forth ahead of me on the trail. Show off! When the dog has tired herself out and is laying down and I tell her I need a few more laps before it is time to go – obsession.

• I managed to keep it attached to me during “quality time” with the SO. (Don’t ask) Then I rushed downstairs to see the calorie burn. I pointed out to him that it was not very much so we obviously need to try harder. He patted me on the head and walked away.

• I turned down ice cream last night because I calorie burn wasn’t very high and I don’t like the sundaes at this place anyway. I sat there and watched the SO eat. Then I came home and ate cherries.

• It has a sleep mode on it to see if you toss and turn at night. The SO saw it this morning asked if I was trying burn calories in my sleep. He may be close to having me committed.

• I’m pacing while I type this on my phone.

But I’m down three pounds this week!