I went out to give Prize a bath today. That is the highest form of Prize torture. She hates a bath but she is scuzzy after the winter. Her mane looks like birds have been nesting in it. I don’t even look at her tail. She is in need of an intervention.

I’m a good little blogger so I decided to get photos to document her extreme makeover. She wasn’t volunteering to come in from the paddock so I went out and threw a halter on her and started to lead her back.

She was dead lame.

I got her in the barn and picked her feet in hopes that she had a stone in her foot but I knew it wasn’t that. She had a hard time picking her front feet up and when I left her alone in the aisle (untied) she didn’t wander off and cause any trouble. So I got her sneakers out of the tack room and gave her a dose of banamine. Then I put her in her stall to relax while I went and talked to the farm owners. Fifteen minutes later when we came back to check on her she was angry that she was in the barn alone. She was running around her stall. Banamine and sneakers are a wonderful combination!

I have no idea what set off her laminitis this time. She is in a dry lot and doesn’t get grain. She is still fat but I can’t work her when she is lame. I think she just wanted out of her bath. I should have done it while she was too sore to move! But she was so sad looking and was resting her head on my chest and I thought it would just have been too mean when she didn’t feel well. I didn’t realize that she was going to be raring to go in 15 minutes.