We slacked and goofed off all weekend. There was no carpet removing time at all!

On Saturday we headed out to Dawes Arboretum. It was the first stop on our “Places We’ve Never Been Tour”. As the name implies it is all about the trees. There are 1800 acres with miles of hiking trails. We didn’t get to see most of it. We walked for two miles and then drove around on the auto tour. The hiking trails were interesting in that you would walk for a while and think you were out in the middle of nowhere and then you’d come to a parking lot. There was a nice mix of woods and open land with planned shady spots for taking a break. That was nice since it was crazy hot here this weekend. August weather instead of May.

On Sunday we went out to Black Hand Gorge. We walked about a mile and a half there. It was still crazy hot. On that day we took the Porsche out for some exercise. He put the top down. I don’t even like having the windows down in a car. I’ve never had any urge to ride in a convertible. I had a hat on but I think I need to get a scarf to get the whole Sophia Loren look down. We went to a town an hour away first to see a couch (which was icky). By the time we got there I was starting to burn on my arms and legs. The SO put the top up while muttering about, “That’s what I get for hanging out with a white girl.” We went to the gorge and then he just couldn’t stand it. The top came back down on our way to an ex 4-Her’s college graduation party. I ended up getting all pink but didn’t really burn.

On Monday there was a parade one block from us. We went to a neighbor’s house and watched and then stayed for brunch and talking.

In between all this I got to introduce the SO to the wonder that is Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and I downloaded Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest on my iPad to read. It is my first official e-book purchase.

It finally rained yesterday so it back to May weather. The garden is happy now. These buds showed up miraculously overnight.