We didn’t make any big plans for Memorial Day weekend. I actually get Monday off which doesn’t happen on most federal holidays. The SO’s idea of a lovely three day weekend revolved around pulling up more carpeting.

I decided that we should go see things that we’ve never seen before. We’ve both lived here since 1998. In all this time I’ve never managed to make it to two big attractions in the county I work in. The SO had never even heard of them since he doesn’t go to that area.

The first one is an arboreteum. I’ve paid to go to gardens in Montreal and a cactus garden in Las Vegas. I’ve hung out at the Botanical Gardens in other cities. But the huge garden down the road from my job that is totally free? Never been there.

The other visit will be to a river gorge with hiking trails. Lots of people take their dogs to walk there. It is significant in local history as a prehistoric site. Of course they blasted away all the petroglyphs to make a canal in the 1800s and then a railroad line. Gotta love progress (she said sarcastically). It is supposed to be pretty. We’ve gone hiking on all our vacations and seek out good places to walk. It is just wrong not to go here since it is the kind of place we’d love to find if we were traveling.

What are your plans for the weekend?

What have you never seen in your hometown?