In case I was looking for more validation that it was time to move on with my life after the last post, I went to work. It is my day off. But, one of the doctors left this month and we are stretching to cover all the shifts.

I take that back. The other non-owner vet and I are stretching. The owner kept his same schedule. That irked me since we are keeping his practices running for him with no additional effort from him. Again.

So I’m working a day I don’t want to be working and I walk into the office and see notes. The owner likes to leave notes. But these notes were different. They were addressed to “Retards” and “Hey BoneHeads.”

Now, I was not involved in the activities that led to these notes. But, he didn’t know that so I’m sure I’m included in his mind. And, the bonehead note was put somewhere where it was visible to clients.

I was crazy mad. That is disrespectful and rude and a new low even for this place. I went about my business trying not to take my mood out on people. I texted the SO and told him to apply for every job in the continental U.S. I took down the note in the public area.

Then I got another note. This one was from a client. I never get notes from clients. Even on cases that I’ve worked on notes are generally addressed to someone else or the clinic as a whole. It is part of my forgettability and why I should really have a life of crime. No one would ever id me. But this note was to me by name. It was from a couple who were at odds about when to euthanize their cat. He had multiple tumors and was painful and vomiting. For a few weeks I worked on keeping him hydrated, not nauseous, and pain free until his people all came to terms with his pending death. Then I was the one who euthanized him.

The note thanked me for being nice and helpful and caring. I have it set right next to the retard note. It makes a nice juxaposition, I think. I hope he notices. Even if he doesn’t it was perfect timing for me.