The SO asked for a specific something for Christmas with the cavat that I couldn’t tell anyone what it was. Like that’s going to happen. I won’t tell anyone who knows him personal-like but telling the whole internet is obviously ok, right?  Because it is relevant.

I ordered P90X which is a crazy workout system which all but gives you a written guarantee that if you do it you will be hot in three months. Or dead after the first workout. It’s a toss up.

I’m going to do it. That’s what makes it relevant. It seems customary to take mostly naked pictures of yourself prior to the workout so you can compare that with the amazing hotness that is you in three months. These are then posted on the internet. Yeah, not doing that and you are welcome. I’ll take a picture in shorts and a tshirt just in case I end up looking like an Amazon and then I will totally post it but I’m the type that is much more likely to die during the first workout.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since I ordered it on Nov 27. I might have been cheap and ordered it from another website that was cheaper than the official one. Those are probably pirated copies in China. Last week I started getting worried that it wasn’t coming. So I ordered it again from the real site. It came yesterday. It came in a box with P90X all over it. Haven’t they ever heard of plain brown wrappers for Christmas presents?  Yeah, so now that’s he’s seen what he’s getting, I guess I’ll wrap that up for him.

Is it a bad sign that I had a hard time lifting the boxes up off the porch?  I am so totally going to die when I try this.