I did day one chest and back today.

This video is mainly pushups and pullups. It shows you how to modify the pullups with either resistance bands or by using a chair to partly support your weight.  Today I did the bands because I was at home. I didn’t have a good place to anchor them up high so I looped them over the treadmill. I was too powerful for that and pulled the treadmill around.

When this one comes up again I’ll go to the gym and use their pullup machine that lets you lift part of your body weight.

It wasn’t as impossible as I thought it would be. I’m not good at pushups but you do each move for a set number of reps that you pick depending on your fitness level. So you just do what you can do and try to get better each time.

The whole workout is about 45 minutes. Then you do AbRipperX.  That’s a scary name.  It is about 15 minutes of ouch. I was not even physically able to do some of the moves. You aren’t supposed to say that. You are supposed to say that a certain move is something that you are struggling with at this time. Well I struggled to the point of failure with the full situps. I haven’t done those since high school. Crunches only since then. Turns out that they don’t work the same.

I guess you could say that I did a very wimpy version of the workout but I still feel like a badass. My arms feel weak and tired.

I think it is a good idea to be a few days ahead of the SO. We have totally opposite strengths. He is all upper body strength. He’ll be all over those workouts. I’ll be better at the yoga and cardio portions.  We are both competitive so we’ll have bad thoughts towards the other during the workouts that we aren’t good at. I’d hate to have to kill him over his own Christmas present.